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I want to keep this website free for everyone, as well as the materials that are posted on it such as pictures, behind the scenes stories, personal stories and erotic stories.

Most people don't realise that traffic also costs money. To put it simple: when you download something on the internet, or you just read or watch something on a website, that uses traffic. At the moment, I have no problem paying for it, since we're at the start and traffic is low anway.

In the future I may get more readers, which may result in more traffic and more costs for me. At that time I'll have to make the choice between taking down the pictures and keeping to stories and paid areas on this websit on the one hand, or keeping everything for free at the other hand.

Believe me, this blog is mostly for my and your amusement, but please, make sure it can stay free for all, and even more important : Please don't let me have to make the choice that I can't offer everything for free anymore.

That's why I need your donations dear readers. So that we can get off to a good start and keep it running! I use the paypal donation button for this so you know the money ends up where it needs to end up.

After you've made your donation, you will return to the homepage. Thanks you in advance and leave a message if you like! Don't forget to add the name that I can see on paypal so I know who you are!

Big kisses and hugs,
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