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This page is dedicated to my own personal stories in my own "ordinary" life. I decided to run this page because people often don't realize that those who work in the adult industry are hard-working individuals as well, and not just hardly working (which I find a lame joke when it comes to any job anyway).

When I'm not updating, I'm working on other projects or just busy with personal life. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I've been living with it for over ten years. Don't feel sorry for me, I don't, since there are way worse diseases to have. I just point it out because that's why I force myself to relax at least one day a week. Overall I work about 14 hours a day, so I do what I can ;-).

I hope you enjoy reading this and as soon as I figure out how, I will make a seperate page here that can act as a forum.
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June the 15th, 2017

Day four : The site keeps changing

Even with an unfinished blog, you have to keep your followers interested, this is what I do in the mean while.

June the 14th, 2017Day three: A day "off"This title is such a lie!
June the 13th, 2017

Day two: Personal issues go firstA day at the hospital takes it out of you.
June the 12th, 2017

Building a blog or website is not all that easy, even with experience!

Day two - Personal issues go first.

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Day two - Personal issues go first.
Day two - Personal issues go first.
Day two - Personal issues go first.
Day two - Personal issues go first.
As all my friends and family know, I'm kinda hard of hearing. Not that I'm deaf, nor in the sense that I need a hearing aid, but still, on the right side, my hearing became worse and worse. It's been a problem ever since I've been born, and after failing to see a aurist in the last couple of years, I decided to visit one a couple of weeks ago.

He told me that he needed to run some tests, just to see what was actually wrong with my hearing. Today was the day I went back to hear the result (and yes, I heard them!). Well, that was one stressy day! I'm writing this personal piece, although it has nothing to do with the website, just to show readers that webdesigners and people who work in the adult industry are also just people with their daily irritations.

And irritated is just what I got!

First of, we had to wake up way earlier then we're used to, so I only slept about 3 hours that day. My dearest hubby is also everything but a morning person, so our whole drive over there was nothing but fighting over the smallest things. Well, I say fighting, it's just making a big fuss over nothing. People who are no morning persons like me will find themselves in this.
Day one - a minimalistic start
To be honest, I wasn't really prepared for the fact that a blog is not only an extension of your website, it's just like building a new website from the start up.

Of course I can use wix and worldpress who have templates that make the blog in 5 minutes. However, my material is not for adults, and sites like these have the right to change their General Terms on a daily basis.

So what if they say porn is no longer allowed and take down my website? This would mean that I put a lot of time and money in a project for no reason at all.

The traffic of this blog runs on my own server and I determine what content is permitted. Since I work with models in the adult industry, I don't have problems with this content, nor will I ever have such problems. Furthermore, my server provider,, has no problems with this content as well.

But, to come back to my initial point: It may take a while before all the pages on my website are created. In the mean while, be patient.

I promise you, it will be worth it!

Big hugs,

©Kelly - June the twelfth 2017

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